Enhancing beauty & health

with state-of-the-art technology

Biocostech Philippines Corporation is a Trading company and the exclusive distributor of the products iWhite Korea, a natural plant-based skincare line that is wholly imported from Korea, and Sensedol, the first and only food supplement for the gums in the Philippines.

Biocostech specializes in products that enhance beauty, health and wellness by utilizing natural ingredients with a state-of-the-art technology and facilities to ensure its quality. 

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1997: The birth of KMI Corp & Fruitsland

The company  started operations in 1997 under the name Kwang Myeong International Corporation or KMI Corp with the brand Fruitsland, a complete line of beauty products

2003: The breakthrough of Nose Pack & development of iWhite Korea

 The NOSE PACK, which sustained KMI’s operation for six years until the company acquired the iWhite brand, the makers of iWhite Skin Whitening Vita.

Skin Whitening product of 2005 & 2006 

Amidst the numerous whitening products that invaded the market nowadays, iWhite has remained competitive due to its use of state of the art Korean technology.  iWhite Korea has garnered numerous awards namely, GlobalBrands Philippines’ Outstanding Skin Whitening Beauty Products brand of 2006 and the Best Skin Care Regimen by the 2005 National Product Quality Excellence Awards

2007: Establishment of Biocostech Corporation Philippines

In order to strengthen its presence in the market and gain marketing support from Korea the company adapted the name BIOCOSTECH PHILIPPINES CORPORATION in 2007. iWhite Korea has gained quite a following from loyal customers and has become widely-held thru recommendation from satisfied users.  iWhite Korea is now made available nationwide in Department Stores, Supermarkets, Drugstores and Beauty & Wellness stores.

2008: Introducing Sensedol to the market

In 2008, Biocostech has proven their company’s strength by introducing SENSEDOL soft gel capsule, a food supplement for the gums. It is available at all Mercury Drug outlets and other leading drugstores nationwide.

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To highly contribute to Social Development through providing beauty, health, and wellness products that is a combination of nature and science.

Due to the growing demand for Beauty and Wellness products in society, we also aim to constantly supply items generated from leading Korean technology with the highest integrity and concern.


To be the provider of the most sought after and trusted brands when it comes to beauty, health and wellness products.


We treat employees as family by bridging the gap between management and rank & file.  Thus creating an environment of mutual respect and love within the company.


We believe that a good product makes a good company. With the cut-throat competition that is emerging in the industry, we strive hard to come up with products that will stand out from the rest. We take pride in our products - special formulation, ingredients, the unique selling proposition and affordable price that caters to all our consumers.


We value our employees because they are an integral part of the company.  Without honest, loyal and hard-working employees, a company can’t achieve its targets and goals leading to its success.

We acknowledge talent, experience, and skills of people regardless of age, educational attainment, and social status.


We believe in gratifying not only our loyal customers but also our new triers because they are the reason for our continuous existence. A happy and satisfied customer is a real life testimonial to the quality of our products that surpasses any form of marketing efforts. We value our customer's comments and suggestions. Thus, we strive hard to come up with solutions to further improve our product offerings and services in order to achieve a long-lasting relationship with our customers and likewise, the growth of the company.



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iWhite Korea is a skincare brand made from all-natural plant extracts and is sold in leading supermarkets, personal care stores, drug stores, and department stores nationwide. The brand carries different products that are suitable for all skin types and known to be lightweight because of its water-based formulation that is surely fit for everyone who resides in a tropical country.



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